A Renaissance of the Visual Arts – Part 4

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About Heather Heflin Hodges

Heather Heflin Hodges is a wife, mother, visual artist, itinerant preacher, and follower of Christ. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communication, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Masters of Divinity, and has been in ministry along side her husband for over 20 years. She is currently completing a Doctorate in Ministry at ACU with an emphasis in Preaching and the Arts. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Wade, and their two sons Caleb (16) and Elijah (15). She is passionate about art in worship and spiritual formation and loves to inspire others to use their own creativity to the glory of God and the beauty of the church. Heather is our newest Featured Author at Wineskins. You can visit her blog at www.heatherheflinhodges.com
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